Applesauce Day

Maria and her family visit an apple orchard and pick apples. Then it’s time to turn the apples into applesauce! Every year they use the special pot that has been in the family for generations to make applesauce. First they wash the apples. Then Grandma cuts them into quarters. Follow each step in the process as everyone helps to make delicious applesauce!

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Recommended by the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture

Lesson Plans

"The exuberant, soft-edged paintings show a happy family working together, and the generational continuity lends an extra dimension to a simple story. Read this aloud."   - Kirkus Reviews


"A cozy book worth sharing."  - School Library Journal

By Lisa J. Amstutz

Illustrated by Talitha Shipman

Albert Whitman & Co. 2017

for ages 4-8

ISBN: 9780807503928

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© 2019 by Lisa Amstutz

Header image by Maria Luisa Di Gravio © by Albert Whitman & Company

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