Backyard Birds series

Each book in this series introduces readers to songbirds they might encounter in their own backyards. Readers learn basic facts about each bird, including habitat, behavior, life cycle, and identifying characteristics for their own bird-watching experience. Simple, informative text is supplemented with full-color photographs and range maps.

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By Lisa J. Amstutz

Capstone Press, 2016

Grades PreK-2

​ISBN numbers:

9781491485118 (Crows)

9781491485125 (Blue Jays)

9781491461075 (Cardinals)

9781491461082 (Goldfinches)

9781491461099 (House Sparrows)

9781491485149 (Mourning Doves)

9781491461105 (Robins)

9781491485132 (Hummingbirds)

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Header image by Maria Luisa Di Gravio © by Albert Whitman & Company

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