Creepy Crawlers series

What has freaky pincers, venomous fangs, twitching antennas, and lots and LOTS of legs? The Creepy Crawlers series! Ten spine-tingling titles will delight bug lovers and inform the rest of us. Big, up-close photos, body diagrams, and fun, informative text show how every creepy feature helps these creatures survive.

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By Lisa J. Amstutz

Capstone Press, 2014

Grades PreK-2

​ISBN numbers:

9781476520537 (Centipedes)

9781476520629 (Cicadas)

9781476520636 (Cockroaches)



"[If] you are fascinated by the smallest creepiest creatures, you will really like this series. . . .Children’s libraries will find an audience for these titles." - Library Media Connection

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Header image by Maria Luisa Di Gravio © by Albert Whitman & Company

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