Need a fresh set of eyes on your manuscript?

I'd be happy to help you with your picture book manuscript, nonfiction proposal, or work-for-hire package! I have critiqued hundreds of manuscripts over the past ten years for friends and clients as well as attendees at SCBWI events and other writing workshops. I am the author of more than 100 children's books and currently serve as a judge at Rate Your Story and as Assistant Regional Advisor for SCBWI: Ohio North.*

Picture Books and Nonfiction Proposals


My manuscript and proposal critiques include:

  • “Big picture” comments – story arc, beginning and ending, voice, etc.

  • Strengths and weaknesses of the story

  • Wording suggestions

  • Notes on formatting/style/consistency

  • Grammar and spelling check (if desired)

New clients: $75 per picture book or NF proposal - includes a free query critique.


For longer manuscripts, contact me for a quote.


Educational Market Packets


Need help putting together your resume packet for the educational market? I'm here to help! My work-for-hire package includes:

  • Help shaping your cover letter and resume

  • Selection of your strongest writing samples

  • Critique of these items once they are finalized

Price: $75

Contact me for more details!

*Please note: I cannot guarantee the salability of the final manuscript, as all manuscripts are subject to the whims of the market. While I believe my edits and suggestions will strengthen your work, the final decision about any revision is ultimately up to you. I reserve the right to decline any manuscript.

Clients say:

"After I wrote the first draft of my first picture book, I felt pretty helpless. I didn't have anyone with the time or expertise to help guide me through the editing process. Once I found Lisa, this changed. She was able to highlight problem areas and walk me through the corrections I needed to make. This helped me feel confident to move forward with my story. Not to mention, she even provided me with some resource recommendations (which I definitely need). She's awesome!" ~Ashlyn Tubbs

"Lisa has given me clear and practical insights into several of my stories. She is able to see the big picture in order to provide a valuable fresh perspective, as well as to thoroughly check details. My manuscripts are much improved thanks to her help." ~Sophie Cayless

"Lisa’s critiques are phenomenal. She is able to see the whole picture as well as the details and gives great suggestions. She’s also one of the only people I trust to help me with my rhyming manuscripts as she has an excellent sense of meter! She brings a wealth of experience to the table and has a great understanding of the industry. She is both kind and professional in sharing her feedback. I can’t recommend her highly enough!" - Lindsay Bonilla

"Lisa was a dream to work with. Her expertise helped me to craft a professional cover letter and resume. Her insightful feedback helped me to polish my writing samples. She responded to every question I had in a timely manner. Because of Lisa, I now have a work-for-hire package that I'm proud to submit to educational publishers." - Jenna Grodzicki

At the end of an online class I took, there was a rafflecopter with prizes. I was one of the happy winners. Out of all the wonderful prizes listed, I was smart enough to pick Lisa Amstutz's donation (or gift or offering) of expert help with a write-for-hire packet. And boy, did she help. She was able to work with my wordiness and help me organize my thoughts. She knew how to highlight my strengths and gave me advice on which writing samples to send. She has all the skills needed to assist you in putting your best packet out there to the publishers. I highly recommend her. - Sherri Jones Rivers

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