Finding a Dove for Gramps

A boy and his mom continue the family tradition of participating in the annual bird count. Since Gramps went South for the winter, the boy hopes to spot Gramps’s favorite bird for him—a dove! But with so many different birds in the nature preserve, will he be able to spot one? This heart-warming family story about nature celebrates a holiday census that was first started in 1900 and happens every year.

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A sweet suggestion for a family nature activity.   - Kirkus Reviews


Amateur ornithologists are encouraged to visit the Audubon’s website or use the checklist provided in the end pages to participate in their own bird count, joining thousands of others in promoting animal conservation and education.

- Foreword Reviews


By Lisa J. Amstutz

Illustrated by Maria Luisa Di Gravio

for ages 4-8

32 pages

ISBN: 9780807512791

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© 2019 by Lisa Amstutz

Header image by Maria Luisa Di Gravio © by Albert Whitman & Company

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