On the Farm series

Satisfy your earliest readers' love for all things that cluck, oink, and moo! Farm Facts not only delivers a basic introduction to farm animals, plants, machines, and buildings with accessible, low-level text, it also features large, vibrant photos that engage kids and invite them to "jump right in and get their hands dirty." All Little Pebble books have an Accelerated Reader ATOS level of 1.0 or below.


By Lisa J. Amstutz

Capstone Press, 2018

Grades PreK-2

​ISBN numbers:

978-1-9771-0539-4 (Plants on the Farm)

978-1-9771-0538-7 (Buildings on the Farm)

978-1-9771-0537-0 (Machines on the Farm)

978-1-9771-0536-3 (Animals on the Farm)

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© 2019 by Lisa Amstutz

Header image by Maria Luisa Di Gravio © by Albert Whitman & Company

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